Handpicked with Holiness
Handpicked with holiness
The taste of «Land of Basarabia» wines is known far away from Moldova, and we are proud of it! These wines reveal the high potential of the region with old winemaking traditions going from ancient times. We pay special attention to winegrowing. A combination of favorable climate and fertile soil makes the terroir unique, allowing to grow delicious and flavorful berries. The manufacturing is based on perennial traditions of wine making along with the use of high-tech equipment.
As a teenager, the founder of the brand watched his grandfather and father making homemade wine. Fascinated by the process of transforming of berries into the noble drink, the young man started research on making a unique wine with extreme passion and enthusiasm. His experiments on blending have soon been appreciated not only by relatives and close friends but also neighbors who every now and again bought the wine for both holidays and everyday needs.

Soon, the talented winemaker and his wines became known in neighboring regions. Initially, the family used only personal wine, but it wasn’t sufficient to satisfy the constantly growing demand. As a result, they decided to purchase grapes from neighbors who gladly accepted the offer. The expansion of production required the creation of a business to attract new powers and equipment. That’s how The Land of Basarabia, known not only in Moldova but the whole Europe, was founded. Gradually, the company the company began to grow new vineyards that produce healthy and high-quality crops. 


That’s why Land of Basarabia wines are made mainly from exclusive grapes. However, the company's management doesn’t refuse to collaborate with local winemakers. We buy grapes from reliable suppliers, which allow us to deal with blending and receive wines different in taste, color, aroma and saturation. Despite the preservation of traditions and the use of manual processes, we actively use modern winemaking technology, achieving high production results. Land of Basarabia are successfully exhibited at trade fairs, participate in international competitions and constantly receive high marks from specialized publications and critics.

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